March 01, 2006

Isn't religion wonderful?

Isn't religion wonderful? 110 year old woman beaten till she was put into a coma, and only rescued from being beaten to death by her grandson. The attack was lead by a School proprietor, and the children from his school.
They allegedly stripped Madam Yaaya-Dam Libaar naked, beat her up and accused her of being a witch.

The woman fell into a coma and was admitted at the Holy Family Hospital where she later regained consciousness.
And the evidence that lead them to this horrible act ... well she was old and so looked like they thought a witch should look like.


Blogger tomdg said...

Shocking story, indeed. But I think your inference that this story has anything to say about religion per se - rather than just the beliefs and actions of a collection of idiots - is every bit as stupid a piece of deduction as theirs.

Sorry! On the plus side, I am grateful you're not trying to beat me to death for being a suicide bomber :)

2:21 pm  

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